itsaclaireday asked Your horse is named Hannah too? Cool :) It's such an interesting name, you don't usually see horses with it :) follow my blog breathedreamride and we can follow each other haha :)

Ya! It suits her so much :) when I got her she came with the name and I just couldn’t change it! Im guessing your horse is named Hannah :p

Hannah and Jackie Tattersall in the Ultimate Hunter Challenge hack at the Tournament of Champions at the Palgrave Equestrian Park. Won the hack with a score of 88!
Good girl Hannah!
If you have any questions regarding Hannah and where she will be showing this year, please feel free to contact me at equestriansrhot.tumblr.com
Feel free to come out and see her!
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I entered Hannah in the Ultimate Hunter Challenge at the Tournament of Champions at Palgrave Equestrian Park, this was the model, which she won ;) with a very impressive score of 90!
Love her!
Shown here by Jackie Tattersall
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Me and a friend from the barn with our pretty ponies :)
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Jackie Tattersall doing an absolutely amazing job showing my Hannah! Reserve Champion in the Low Pre-Greens at Autumn Classic at Palgrave
My beautiful Hannah and I hacking on thursday in the Low Pre-Greens. She was Reserve Champion!

Hey guys!

If you want to watch Hannah’s Low Pre-Green trips, feel free to go to my youtube :)

She was spectacular!!

Second trip from today:


Second trip from yesterday:


Hannah and Jackie schooling thursday morning before the Low Pre-Greens

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Great news!!

Hannah starts pre-green lows next week with Jackie :D

She’s going to absolutely kick butt! I will be posting so many pictures, i am so excited for her. She’s going to look stunning, and be amazing. Stay tuned for next week wednesday & thursday for great shots!!


Beautiful Hannah and Jackie schooling yesterday! Pre-green lows next week, here we come!

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